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Space Research in the 21st Century: Resources


We hope you enjoy this collection of links to Web sites with information about space research and exploration. If there are other sites that you think we should include, then please let us know about them!

Official Agencies

North America

Canada: Canadian Space Agency

United States: NASA


Europe: European Space Agency

United Kingdom: British National Space Centre

Germany: DLR

Italy: ASI

France: CNES

Russia: Rosaviakosmos


Japan: NASDA

Research and Training

The focus of research at the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI), based in Houston, Texas, is to develop countermeasures to alleviate the effects of a long-term microgravity environment on astronauts on long missions.

ESTEC is the European Space Agency's research and technology centre, based in the Netherlands.

Everything you need to know about astrobiology, including what an astrobiologist is and how to become one!

NASA's astrobiology institute.

The Space Education Trust is a charity that seeks to promote space education and provide funding for UK students to attend the International Space University.

The International Space University. At the International Space University, experts train and educate professionals to take the lead in the international space arena.

Canadian Alumni organization of the International Space University.

Web site of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, a nonprofit scientific and technical organization for aerospace professionals.

Academic funding opportunities with the Canadian Space Agency.

Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology home page. An organization devoted to developing and funding collaborative research, innovation, and new enterprise through academic, industrial, and government partnerships.

Russian Academy of Sciences, Space Research Institute.

The Canadian Space Agency's Space Station Program.

Founded by Rick Tumlinson, FINDS supports nongovernmental space science research, events, and development with financial grants.

General Interest

A space-devoted multimedia portal.

Builders of the Mobile Servicing System, or Canadarm, for the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA's definitive source for Shuttle mission information.

NASA's human spaceflight page. See also NASA's ISS: Science and Research page.

A constantly updated site that gives the current location of the ISS.

European Space Agency--Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity

The U.S. Kennedy Space Center.

Your portal to space.

German Space Net: Lots of information on space flight, history, etc. (in German).

National Space Science Centre. Just opened on 30 June! A new, UK lottery-funded visitor attraction in Leicester that aims to bring space science to the masses.

The UK Space Industry Web site, features profiles of UK space companies and an events listing.

DaimlerChrysler Aerospace site providing information on the ISS.

Boeing's site also providing information on the ISS.

ISS Forum in Berlin (5-7 June 2001)

The Web site at which you can find bio sketches of NASA and CSA astronauts.

Career Resources provides a direct employment advertising channel to professionals in the aeronautics and space industries in North America.

Astrium is a large European space company that has a dedicated jobs site.

UK-SEDS stands for UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. The United Kingdom section of an international organization dedicated to raising awareness of space education and space related issues in society. Has a careers page under construction.

SpaceCareers. A UK-based site carrying job ads and a careers section that gives links to space-related companies by type (e.g., Satellite manufacturers and subcontractors).

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