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Survive and Thrive

Resources To Help You on Your Way

What resources are available to students looking to survive and thrive as they plow through graduate school in the sciences? Here, I'll list the books, web sites, and Next Wave articles that I come across as I write each Survive and Thrive column.

Speaking of which, please check back here often… we'll be updating the resources page each time Next Wave publishes a Survive and Thrive column!


John R. Trimble: Writing with Style, Prentice-Hall, 1975

Elaine Seymour, Nancy Hewitt: Talking about Leaving -- Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences, Westview Press, 2000

Christina Boufis, Victoria Olsen: On the Market, Riverhead Books, 1997

Cynthia Robbins-Roth: Alternative Careers in Science, Academic Press, 1993

Sheila Tobias: They're not Dumb, They're Different -- Stalking the Second Tier, Science News Books, 1994

Richard Nelson Bolles: What Color is Your Parachute?, Ten Speed Press, 2000

Dale Bloom, Jonathan Karp, Nicholas Cohen: The Ph.D. Process: A student's guide to graduate school in the sciences, Oxford University Press, 1998.

Peter Feibelman: A Ph.D. is not enough, Perseus Books, 1993.

Robert Peters: Getting what you came for: A smart student's guide to earning a Masters or Ph.D., The Noonday Press, 1997.

Peter Fiske: Put your science to work--The take-charge career guide for scientists (the second edition of "To boldly Go: A practical Career Guide for scientists"), American Geophysical Union, 2000 (available online via the AGU bookstore).

Nextwave articles

Peter Fiske on self-assessment.

Larry Lab-Rat taking a look at himself.

Tips on How to Work a Scientific Conference.

Superconferencing, from the U.K.'s Phil Dee.

Peter Fiske's Guide to Networking, in three parts:

Schmoozing 101, from Larry Lab-Rat.

From the Other Side: How to Organize a Scientific Meeting.

The GrantDoctor , Next Wave's own funding guru.

Financial Planning for Scientists Charles Boulakia's series on saving for the future while making ends meet.

Next Wave's Alternative Careers Index Page

Peter Fiske on Self Assessment: A Tooling Up column on this ever necessary excercise in navel gazing; and Dave Jensen, in another Tooling Up column, talks about setting goals.

Check out articles by Next Wave's UK columnist, Phil Dee, who writes about the transferable skills graduate students can pick up along the way to a Ph.D.

Louie Lamorte, a Canadian graduate student, recently shared his thoughts on getting through grad school with Next Wave's readers.

Worried about finances? Check out Money Matters, our new series on financial planning for early career scientists.

And here are Next Wave's articles of interest to graduate students.

Web links

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II--where you can take an online test to find out which careers best suit your interests and abilities.

Chronicle of Higher Education, cautionary tale

The International Writing Centers Association. Lots of links for wannabe writers.

Rice University's Cain Project. More of the same (check out the Links section), plus some great advice on writing up science.

Rising college tuition is sending unaware students deeper into debt, says a report in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

GrantsNet. Hosted by Next Wave, GrantsNet is a one-stop-shop of funding opportunities in the biomedical sciences.

The Motley Fool. Great advice on all matters financial the dirt (and some helpful advice on staying clean) on the graduate education system here.