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Site Review: Oceanlink

The Oceanlink Web site, brought to you by a whole slew of corporate sponsors, offers everything you ever wanted to know about marine biology but were afraid to ask. Oceanlink covers all aspects of marine biology, from the latest research on echinoderms to ecotourism. Next Wave readers will likely find the extensive section on careers in marine biology to be particularly useful.

This informative site is easy to navigate. For example, clicking on the "Students in Action" link brings you to a description of the Marine Biology Field Program at the Bamfield Marine Station on the west coast of British Columbia. Here, you'll get information on the program, you'll see pictures of students hard at work, and you'll be able to read student essays like those we feature on the Next Wave.

The "Ask a Marine Scientist" section of the site is easily the most fun to explore. It features over 550 archived questions (and answers). Find out how deep starfish can go. Or how echinoderms move along rocks and other surfaces. But more than just "science" questions, the folks at Oceanlink also try to answer questions like "How do I know marine biology is the career for me?" And if they don't have an archived answer to your question, just click on the "Ask a Scientist" icon and ask away. But before you do, check out the archive. It has almost everything imaginable in it already.

The site also features career information for the marine sciences, including essays from marine biology students and professors, and a HUGE list of links to other sites--a list so big it's divided up into "KidLinks," "Teacher Links," "Marine Science Links," and "Career Links."

Add to this a mini Guinness Book of World Records for the marine world, a list of interesting eco-adventure tours for people who are looking for a marine-biology-intensive vacation, and put it all in an attractive, easy to navigate site, and you've got Oceanlink. Well worth a look!