Grantwriting Resources

From the National Science Foundation:

Proposal Preparation Page

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: NSF Report Warns of Declining Graduate Enrollments in Science

How Not To Kill A Grant Application:

Part One: Murder Most Foul

Part Two: Abstract Killers

Part Three: So What?

Part Four: Lost at Sea

Part Five: Review the Facts

Grant Reviews:

Part One: Introduction to the Review Process

Part Two: Evolution of the Review Process at NIH and NSF

Part Three: An Insider's View of the NIH Review Process

Part Four: Federal Review--the NSF

The GrantDoctor:

The GrantDoctor will answer all your questions about the grants process and any funding concerns you may have. Email your question to: and read previous advice.

Other Grantwriting Articles:

Grant Preparation Advice, NSF-Style

NSF Criteria

NSF Early Career Grant profile

NSF Graduate Fellowships

Getting Your Postdoc Grant--It Takes More Than Just Writing!

Grantsmanship: What Makes Proposals Work?

Time Management 101 for Grant Applicants

Book Review: The Grant Seeker's Toolkit

Scientists Feel Big Pressure in Battle for Grants

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