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NSERC Plays Matchmaker for Scientists

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch." Although it won't help you with your love life, NSERC's new matchmaking service might help you find the perfect job. Launched last week, The NSERC Concourse is a virtual meeting ground for students, researchers, and companies who are trying to find "research partners."

In the crowded space of job posting sites, the NSERC site is fairly unique. First, it is completely free to all (students, researchers, and even companies). And second, it is for more than just job-finding. In addition to a small but hopefully growing list of job postings, the concourse contains messages from university researchers looking for partners in industry, companies looking for researchers, and junior investigators looking for graduate students.

The NSERC Concourse is easy to use. Post an ad if you're looking for a position, or if you've got one to offer. Answer the ads already on the site if they interest you. It's not rocket science, although some of the postings might be for positions in that field. It's also not the best way of finding a job, as it's fairly passive, but it's a tool that can help.

Because NSERC is behind the site, you can be sure that it'll get a lot of traffic--although the concourse was only launched last week, it's already got a couple of dozen postings, ranging from postdoctoral positions in chemistry to labs looking for industry collaborators in ore deposits research.