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Phil Dee, Transferably Yours: *Index of Columns*

Phil Dee continues his columns for Next Wave as a postdoc in the Yours Transferredly series .

15 March 2002

Your First "First Author" Paper (Part 2)

15 February 2002

Your First "First Author" Paper (Part 1)

19 October 2001

The Secret of Research Success

21 September 2001

Shotgun Thesis Composition

17 August 2001

Enough Is Enough: Plan Your Lab Escape Strategy

20 July 2001

Your Ph.D. Boss: Adversary or Super-Advisor? Part 2

15 June 2001

Your Ph.D. Boss: Adversary or Super-Advisor? Part 1

18 May 2001

Ruthless Reading

20 April 2001

Absent With Leave

16 March 2001

Superconferencing--Get the Most From Your Meeting

16 February 2001

Collaborations: Going Global 2--Making Contact

19 January 2001

Collaborations: Going Global 1--Why and Who?

15 December 2000

Masterful Multitasking

17 November 2000

Powerful Presentations

20 October 2000

Staying on Track--Time Management for PhD Students

15 September 2000

Poster Art

18 August 2000

The Watershed that is your First Year Report

21 July 2000

PhD Student Moonlights as Part-time College Lecturer

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