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Reprints: *Index of Reprints and Selected Resources*

Reprints: Grant Funding and Writing

Are You Ready to Apply for Grants Online? (April 30, 1999) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

Proposal Preparation Without Panic (March 5, 1999) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

NIH Revises Grant-Application Procedure to Hasten the Process (Feb 5, 1999)

Jump Start, What To Do Before a Grant Proposal (June 26, 1998) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

Going for the Gold (May 1, 1998) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

Grant Limits Irk Young Scientists (Sept 23, 1994)

Dispelling the Myths About Indirect Costs (Nov 2, 1994)

Grantsmanship: What Makes Proposals Work? (Sept 23, 1994)

Younger Scientists Feel Big Pressure in Battle for Grants (Sept 26, 1990)

Reprints: Academic Professional Development

Lab Judo: Defend Against Hostile Colleagues (March 19, 1999) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

Anatomy of a Rejection: Improve Your Publishing Record (Feb 19, 1999) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

Pressures to Publish Fuel the Professionalization of Today's Graduate Students (Nov 27, 1998)

Surviving Conferences (Nov 13, 1998) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

Reprints: Job Hunting

The Frustrating Career of the "Trailing Spouse" (March 19, 1999)

Scientists Enjoy Life in the Not-So-Fast Lanes (Oct 6, 1995)

Job-Hopping to Greater Heights (Sept 23, 1994)

Making the Grade as a Scientific Lab Manager (Sept 23, 1994)

Reprints: Tenure

Searching for a Tenure Track? Consider the New NIH (April 16, 1999) OFFSITE LINK, free registration required

Growth in Positions Off Tenure Track Is A Trend That's Here to Say, Study Finds (April 9, 1999)

Contracts Replace the Tenure Track for a Growing Number of Professors (June 12, 1998)

Professors Found to be Lonely in First Tenure-Track Posts (Sept 4, 1998)

One Professor's Tenure Odyssey at Ohio State University (April 15, 1995)

Tenure, Under Fire Once Again, Still Holds Strong (Sept 23, 1994)

Bibliography: Academic Job Hunting

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