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Grants and Grant Writing: *Index*

Take a look at the series "How Not To Kill a Grant Application" to improve your chances of winning those research funds!

Part 1: Murder Most Foul
Part 2: Abstract Killers
Part 3: So What?
Part 4: Lost at Sea
Part 5: The Facts of the Case
Part 6: Developing Your Research Plan

13 October 2000 - How To Get a Bite of NIH's Billion-Dollar Funding Pie

22 September 2000 - Online Funding Resources: Shortcuts to Success

8 September 2000 - Meeting the Nation's Needs

11 August 2000 - Developing Your Research Plan: How Not to Kill a Grant Application, Part Six

28 July 2000 - Expository Writing Skills

14 July 2000 - NSF Chat Transcript: Colwell and Pitts on Winning NSF Grants

23 June 2000 - How To Write an NIH Grant

9 June 2000 - The Beauty of Outlines

26 May 2000 - Review the Facts: How Not to Kill a Grant Application, Part Five.

12 May 2000 - Grants For Ethical Research

28 Apr 2000 - Human Subjects Research Grants--Just a Matter of Timing

14 Apr 2000 - Global Funding Links: Online Databases

24 Mar 2000 - Site Review: The Research Assistant

10 Mar 2000 - Ten Commandments of Private Foundation Grant Proposals

25 Feb 2000 - Lost at Sea: How Not to Kill a Grant Application, Part Four.

11 Feb 2000 - So What?: How Not to Kill a Grant Application, Part Three.

11 Feb 2000 - Grant Preparation Advice, NSF-Style.

28 Jan 2000 - Abstract Killers: How Not To Kill A Grant Application, Part Two.

7 Jan 2000 - Murder Most Foul: How Not To Kill A Grant Application, Part One.

22 Oct 1999 - Book Review: The Grantseeker's Toolkit

8 Oct 1999

Grant Reviews, Part Four: Federal Review--the NSF
New NSF Criteria - You're Not Listening
New NSF Criteria - Rita Colwell's Remarks

24 Sept 1999

Grant Reviews, Part Three: An Insider's View of the NIH Review Process
Getting Your Postdoc Grant--It Takes More Than Just Writing!

10 Sept 1999

Grant Reviews, Part One: Introduction to the Review Process
Grant Reviews, Part Two: Evolution of the Review Process at NIH and NSF

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