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GrantDoctor: *Index of Columns*

NIH's Center for Scientific Review
10 November 2006
Our resident funding expert talks with the director of the world's largest scientific review organization and asks: Is CSR biased against new investigators?

No More Boring Science
10 August 2006
With little fanfare, NSF director Arden Bement seems to be transforming his organization to eliminate the pedestrian and to fund only cutting-edge science.

NIH and Resubmissions
14 July 2006
An NIH pilot program aims to shorten the review cycle for new investigators so that they can resubmit unsuccessful proposals sooner--but is it a good idea? Also: funding for unconventional M.D./Ph.D. students.

'P' is for Petroleum
9 June 2006
The American Chemical Society has narrowed the scope of the half-billion-dollar Petroleum Research Fund. Also: Funding for science curriculum development.

Water off a Duck's Back
12 May 2006
What's the best way to deal with criticism without becoming bitter or losing your confidence?

Career Reentry and Swedish Postdocs
14 April 2006
The GrantDoctor writes about support for a return to science after a family leave and funding for a U.S. scientist who wants to do a postdoc in Sweden.

NIH Electronic Submission Begins
10 March 2006
NIH is rolling out a new electronic proposal submission system. Will you be ready?

Bridges to Independence
10 February 2006
NIH's new "pathway" program ... NSF's RIG program ... NIH electronic submission

A Young Man Goes West
13 January 2006
For a European, it isn't easy to find a fellowship to work outside of Europe. Also: grants for postdoctoral fellows?

Fellowships for Older Postdocs
9 December 2005
Experienced postdocs still qualify for some fellowships, but to get one you'll have to head off in a new direction.

How to Get a Grant
11 November 2005
The GrantDoctor reviews some of the basic principles of good grantsmanship. Also: NIH's Visiting-Scholar program.

International Funding
14 October 2005
The GrantDoctor answers questions about funding for scientists overseas.

Smoke but No Fire
9 September 2005
Some of the money states received from their settlements with tobacco companies was supposed to pay for research. But in some states, there seems to have been a change of plans.

NSF Troubles, and Other Depressing Topics
12 August 2005
The news coming out of the National Science Foundation isn't good, and a reader asks, are clinicians more competitive for grants?

Discovery Corps and Other Transition Awards
8 July 2005
The GrantDoctor describes NSF's chemistry-based Discovery Corps program, which may be the only fellowship extant that is intended to help scientists make a transition away from the bench. Also: tropical-disease transitions.

Short-Term Startup
10 June 2005
Is it possible to fund the startup of a lab in a soft-money position? Plus, an NRSA Fellow tries to play the percentages.

Program Officers Behaving Badly
13 May 2005
What should you do when the P.O. STILL won't call you back? Also: preliminary data in predoc proposals?

Flying Blind
8 April 2005
What should you do, asks an NIH-grant applicant, when your program officer won't return your phone calls or emails? Also: money for vision-technology research.

Small-College Shenanigans
11 March 2005
For early-career scientists at small colleges it can sometimes seem as if the biggest barrier to research productivity is the institution itself. Also: Long-term NSF grants.

11 February 2005
A study shows that electronic collaboration doesn't work as well as the more traditional kind. Also: The GrantDoctor reviews the funding basics for foreign scientists in the U.S. in Europe.

Hey Dude, Where's My Grant?
14 January 2005
At least a few scientists who got good scores on NIH grants have been wondering where their money is. The GrantDoctor looks under all the sofa cushions on the NIH sofa. Also: funding for foreign scientists in the U.S.

10 December 2004
From Physics to Biology

12 November 2004
Advice for Grant Seekers

22 October 2004
Funding International Research Collaborations

8 October 2004
Mentorship and Collaboration

10 September 2004
Taxonomy of a Training Program

13 August 2004
Navigating the Transition Award Maze

9 July 2004
From M.D. to Ph.D., and Vice Versa

11 June 2004
Soft Skills and Transition Awards

14 May 2004
Too Well Connected

9 April 2004
Getting a Fresh Start

12 March 2004
Special Neapolitan Edition

13 February 2004
PAs, RFAs, and Other Letter Combinations

9 January 2004
Mobility, Coming and Going

12 December 2003
Crashing and Burning

14 November 2003
HHMI Professors Meet

10 October 2003
Getting Independent

8 August 2003
Undergraduate Research, or Undergraduate Research?

25 July 2003
Betting on the Future

11 July 2003
Training and Retraining

27 June 2003
Scientific Recycling

13 June 2003
GrantDoctor Renders Herself Irrelevant

23 May 2003
The solid state of microelectronics research

9 May 2003
The GrantDoctor needs a life.

25 April 2003
Sabbatical Support

11 April 2003
Rosters, Redux ... Fetal alcohol syndrome

28 March 2003
No feedback ... Grants for girl bands

14 March 2003
Good grant karma ... Murder, Most Foul

28 February 2003
Can I receive a R01 grant without a green card? ... Scientific Butter or Guns?

14 February 2003
NIH program codes ... Research funding for minority undergraduates

10 January 2003
Grad-school support for foreign students ... Grants for switching institutions

13 December 2002
Minority fellowships ... Time off for good science

22 November 2002
NIH's Training guru writes about training awards, and to tell us what a great job we're doing.

8 November 2002
Research grants from the department of defense.

25 October 2002
Grants for staffers ... A "K" Klinic, pt. II

11 October 2002
A "K" Klinic

27 September 2002
Ph.D.s, M.D.s and clinical research ... Pissed, or pithed?

13 September 2002
How to write an R03 application ... Do foreigners really qualify for NIH grants?

23 August 2002
Losing out without losing it.

9 August 2002
Medicinal herbs ... Foreign collaborations

26 July 2002
PA's, RFA's and all that ... Cord blood for minorities

12 July 2002
NRSA leave policies ... Grants and cooperative agreements

28 June 2002
NRSA changes ... Graduate fellowships for neuropsychology

14 June 2002
Equipment grants ... Small-college chemistry

24 May 2002
Research Resources ... Time, not money

10 May 2002
NIH and New Investigators ... Small College R01s

26 April 2002
The GrantDoctor Gets Small

12 April 2002
From Oxford to Cambridge (Massachusetts)

22 March 2002
The Postpostdoc: Present at the Birth

8 March 2002
The GrantDoctor Eats Crow

22 February 2002
Vibrant Visitors

8 February 2002

25 January 2002
Men in Nursing

11 January 2002
Funds for Canadian Postdocs in the U.S. and Finding a Grant Editor

14 December 2001
Loan-Repayment for Biomedical Researchers

23 November 2001
Funding for Fledglings

9 November 2001
Advice for a Ugandan Epidemiologist

26 October 2001
Where can a Canadian get funds to do a postdoc in the U.S.?
I need to find a freelance editor to help me with a grant application.

12 October 2001
How can I get a telescope for teaching an astronomy course?
Looking for freelance grant doctors

28 September 2001
Small-University Biomedicine
Collaborating With Singapore

14 September 2001
What funds are available for an assistant professor to research the genetics of hearing?
Where can I find salary support to do a postdoc in chemical oceanography?

24 August 2001
Where do I find money for medical school?
We are looking for freelance grant writers.

10 August 2001
Soft Research on Malaria

27 July 2001
How can an Eastern European medical resident obtain grants to work in France?
I wasn't even scored on my NIH grant application! What should I do?

13 July 2001
Are there visual science or clinical research ophthalmology grants out there?
Can a postdoc fellow from India apply for plant biology funds to support research here in the U.S.?

22 June 2001
Funds for orthopedic research in the US
US-based opportunities for a Dutch MD

25 May 2001
Funding Doctoral Work in Nutrition and Working Abroad
Funding Doctoral Work and Engineering Research

27 April 2001
How do I find money for doctoral molecular biology research?
Funding Doctoral Work and Study Abroad

13 April 2001
How do I find money for graduate research?
How do I fund study abroad?

23 March 2001
How do we find money for emergency response?
How do I use GrantsNet?

9 March 2001
How do I find money to stay in school?
Who will fund undergraduate intern travel and living expenses?

23 February 2001
How do I find money for an after-school astronomy program?
Who will fund Israeli diabetes genetics research?

9 February 2001
How do I find travel funds for international meetings?
Where can I find support for building a rural health clinic?

26 January 2001
Where can I find imunology grants?
Are funds available to do ag research in developing countries?

27 October 2000
Are there scholarships for attending medical school?
Can I apply for a fellowship if invited to visit a university in the States?

13 October 2000
Tell Me More About Mentored Research Awards
Can I Have More than One Source of Funding

22 September 2000
Grants for Environmental Ecology
Funding Epidemiology Research

8 September 2000
Winning Grants Without A Track Record?
A Summer Summary

25 August 2000
Gene Therapy Grants for Non-U.S. Citizens
Select Your GrantDoctor Resource Topics!

11 August 2000
Grants for Single Parents Doing Ph.Ds
Happy Birthday GrantDoctor!

28 July 2000
Rutgers University: Grants For Graduates
Grant Writing Workshops

14 July 2000
How to Find A Postdoc in the States

23 June 2000
How Do I Get K22 Career Grants?
Grants to Study River Blindness

9 June 2000
When Do I See the (Grant) Money?
Grants for Sleep Research

26 May 2000
Minority Grants
E-mail Etiquette

12 May 2000
U.S. Citizenship Requirements
Rural America

28 Apr 2000
The GrantDoctor's Guide to Searching for Funds

14 Apr 2000
Biological Archaeology Grants
How To Get Funds To Do Research in Germany

24 Mar 2000
Astronomy Grants
Botany Funding

10 Mar 2000
Funding Mitochondrial Research
Can NIH Grants Be Used to Pay Off Dues?

25 Feb 2000
Funding For Summer Courses
Hot Research Topics in Dentistry

11 Feb 2000
How Can I Get Bioengineering Grants?
Where Can I Find Funding for Women's Health Research?

28 Jan 2000
Coming to America
NIH Funding Delays

24 Dec 1999
A Roundup of the Best Grant and Funding Sites Online in '99

10 Dec 1999
Funds for Forestry Research?
Searching out a Graduate School

26 Nov 1999
Take a Hike!--Where to Find Money for Backpack Research?

5 Nov 1999
Online Grant Applications?
When to Start My Ph.D. in the U.K.?

22 Oct 1999
My Revised Grant Application Got a LOWER Score, What Should I Do?

8 Oct 1999
Can I Get Funds to Support a Second Degree in Veterinary Science?
How Can I Get Postdoctoral Fellowships to Work in France?

24 Sept 1999
Where Can I Find Money For Elementary School Science?
How Do I Get Instructions And Deadlines For R03 Grants?

10 Sept 1999
How Do I Appeal A Grant Review?
What Are Sources of Alternative Medicine Funding?

27 Aug 1999
Does My Proposal Fit?
How Do I Resubmit?

13 Aug 1999
Introducing the GrantDoctor

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