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Careers in Teaching: *Feature Index*

If you like explaining science to others you may want to consider a career in teaching at either the secondary or postsecondary level.

Neurobiology in High School?

Jennifer Brakeman made the transition from a Ph.D. program to teaching science. Find out how.

Pursuing a Less Traditional Career Path

Leah Cataldo loves her job as a high school science teacher. She teaches and still does research on the side.

Teaching Inside and Outside an Undergraduate University

Gregory Finn fell for geology while still an undergrad. After he got his Ph.D., he decided to reciprocate by teaching at both the undergrad and secondary levels.

Q&A With A Teaching Placement Agency

Tips from the experts on how to get a teaching job.

Resources For a Teaching Career

A list of teaching organizations and career development sites to help you start.

Making the Transition from Graduate School to Teaching

Michele Arduengo has some suggestions for graduate students who want to teach at a small liberal arts college.

The Truth Behind Teaching and Research Statements

Tips from Peter Fiske on how to prepare this mysterious document.

Training Scientists How to be Better Teachers: Programs

Victoria McGovern explores some programs that will help you make the transition.

Site Review: Handbook on Teaching Undergraduate Science Courses: A Survival Training Manual

Add this to your bookmark list!

Q & A: Teaching At a Liberal Arts College

A reader wrote in asking about careers teaching at liberal arts colleges. We sent her questions to Sandra Gilchrist, a professor of biology at a small liberal arts college.

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