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Site Review: Tomorrow's Professor

Okay, Okay. Given some of our recent discussions and articles on the Next Wave, it may seem odd to you that we are reviewing this site. But the fact of the matter is, there are SOME jobs out there for those of you who want to be professor types. And since there are some it means that somebody will get them. So if you're aware of the academic job market situation and are still willing to take your chances, you had better look at the archives on this site and sign up for this listserv, Tomorrow's Professor.

Listserv participants discuss things that are not always taught in graduate school, such as how to give an academic job talk, how to negotiate the right start-up package, and tips on how to prepare for that academic career while you're still a graduate student.

This is an excellent resource if you think you might want to embark on the academic job search.

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