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Forensic Science: Resources for Making the Transition

Carpenter's Forensic Science Resources

A very nifty collection of forensic science links. It lists just about everything you could possibly be interested in from forensic odontology to ethics and forensic science. We did find a couple of broken links, though, so surf at your own risk.

Canadian Society of Forensic Science

Offers information about the society, their publication ( The CSFS Journal), their annual meeting, forensic science workshops and conferences in Canada and around the world, and the like. Includes a fair list of schools that offer forensic science degrees, a good resource list for forensics links on the Web, and an interesting list of recommended readings: books and reference materials on or about forensic science.

Forensic Science Education Resource

This is THE site for looking up university or college programs in forensic sciences. The searchable index categorizes schools by location, area of specialization, and type of program (undergrad/graduate), and offers both your typical information about the school and a really cool comments section: People going to the school can give you the real lowdown on academics, social activities, and the like by putting their thoughts and comments here.

American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Offers information about the academy, their publication ( The Journal of Forensic Science), their annual meeting, and the like. The highlight of the site is their career brochure, which explains what each branch of forensics actually does, the roles they play, what kind of education is needed, and what the career options are.

The site also includes a good list of schools offering forensic science degrees and links to their Web pages, as well as U.S. forensic job listings and a half-decent set of links to other forensic science sites.

Forensic Science Society (U.K.)

Another society Web site, offering lots of information on the society itself and on its journal and conferences. Like the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (above), the Forensic Science Society offers a brief introduction to the field of forensic investigation and the career opportunities it opens up. Perhaps they don't do this as well as the U.S. site. For example, their "Job Search and Situations Vacant" section is quite disappointing, there's only one job posting there at this time. To be fair, though, the section does offer links to other sites that contain job postings in this field.

Zeno's Forensic Page

Fantastic site offering resources and information on forensic science, forensic medicine, and forensic psychology. Easily the most forensic science information available on the Web, in an easy to use, well-categorized format. Not much information for job seekers; more the resource forensic scientists go to when they're looking for information on a certain topic.

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