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Forensic Science: *Feature Index*

If you like the idea of helping to catch the bad guys, a career in forensic science might be for you. But what exactly is it like to work in forensic science? Forensics is a huge field and we can only give you an introduction here. But it's a start.

Jim Thorpe, Director of the Forensic Science Unit of Strathclyde University, gives you an overview of the skills and techniques covered by the forensics masters degree at his institute.

Join the Next Wave in spending a day on the job with Kelli Carter, at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Then, Mark Benecke shares the excitement of working in forensic entomology.

But, if the X-Files tickles your fancy and you think you might like a job with the FBI, you'll want to read about how Jenifer Smith, chief of one of the DNA Analysis Units at the FBI, made the transition from research to forensics.

And finally, if you still haven't gotten enough information on forensics, check out our list of Web resources.

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