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Career Basics Booklet


Struggling with your next career step? Science Careers' editorial team brings you "Career Basics: Advice and Resources for Scientists." The booklet provides advice and help on preparing CVs and resumes, writing grants and scientific papers, networking, and much more. Read each article in the booklet online, or download each chapter or the entire booklet as a PDF. All for free. It is one more tool Science Careers provides to help you jump-start your career, be it in academia or outside the ivory tower!

Dr. Alan Leshner, CEO, AAAS
Chapter One
Finding Your Way
Mastering Your Ph.D.: Mentors, Leadership, and Community
Mastering Your Ph.D.: Preparing for Your Post-Ph.D. Career
Grad-School Campus Visits
Chapter Two
Marketing Yourself: CVs, Resumes, and Networking
Tooling Up: Résumé Rocket Science 2007
Writing a Winning Cover Letter
E-Persona Non Grata: Strategizing Your Online Persona
Chapter Three
Skills for the Academic Scientist
Tips for Publishing in Scientific Journals
Faculty Positions: Seeking the Skills for a Successful Career in Academia
Chapter Four
Crafting a Industry Career
Tooling Up: Three Categories of Rules
Transferable Skills And Portable Careers
Opportunities: More School?
Chapter Five
Non-Traditional Careers
A Matter of Policy
Working as a Medical Writer
Mastering Your Ph.D.: A Career in Management Consulting
Chapter Six
Diversity Issues in Science
Family Trailblazers
Nurturing Women Scientists
Opening Doors for Scientists with Disabilities
Chapter Seven
Leadership and Lab Management
Making the Leap to Independence
Managing Scientists
More Resources
More Career-Related Resources
More career-related resources from Science/AAAS and other organizations.


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