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Yudhijit Bhattacharjee

Yudhijit has been a staff writer at Science since 2003. He has written stories on different topics related to research and policy, such as the fight over teaching evolution in U.S. classrooms and the neuroscience of time perception, and has profiled scientists with different interests and backgrounds, such as an astrophysicist who discovered dark energy and a fisherman-scientist who is working to protect fisheries in the Gulf of Maine. Yudhijit now spends most of his time covering astronomy, along with science and security and a few other areas of science policy.

Yudhijit spent the first 26 years of his life in India, receiving an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He has a master's degree in journalism from Ohio State University in Columbus, and nothing to show for a semester's worth of classes as a Ph.D. student in the history and philosophy of science at the University of Chicago, which he left to join Science.

Yudhijit's 2008 story on brain trauma caused by explosions on the battlefield won an award for best research writing from the National Mental Health Association. His work has appeared in The New York Times,The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, Time, Wired, and Discover.

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee

Staff Writer