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Richard Stone

Richard Stone is the senior science editor for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Tangled Bank Studios, where he oversees science content for documentaries and other nonfiction productions and manages media partnerships. After receiving a biology degree from Cornell University in 1988, Rich was a graduate student in biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania before discovering his true calling as a science communicator. He earned a science communication degree at the University of California, Santa Cruz, then interned at The Washington Post and Science before joining Science as a staff writer in 1991. He served as Science’s international news editor until April 2018.

Rich was a Fulbright Scholar in Russia from 1995–96 and in Kazakhstan from 2004–05. He spent 4 years as European news editor in Science’s office in Cambridge, U.K., during which he also served as visiting writer in science at the University of Cambridge, and 5 years as Asia news editor in Beijing. Rich has won several awards for articles that have appeared in ScienceDiscoverSmithsonian, and National Geographic. He is also the author of Mammoth: The Resurrection of an Ice Age Giant and in his spare time enjoys playing squash and writing science fiction screenplays.

Rich Stone

Richard Stone

Richard Stone is senior science editor at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Tangled Bank Studios in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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