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Mara Hvistendahl

Mara Hvistendahl is a freelance writer and former contributing correspondent for Science. An Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fellow at New America, she holds a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College and a master’s of science from Columbia University School of Journalism.  Her writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, Foreign Policy, and other publications. Her first book, Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men (PublicAffairs, 2011), was selected as a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the Pulitzer Prize.

Mara sits on the advisory board of Round Earth Media, an organization founded to promote international journalism. She previously worked as a correspondent for The Chronicle of Higher Education, where her coverage won a National Award for Education Reporting.

Mara Hvistendahl

Mara Hvistendahl is a former contributing correspondent for Science.