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Tsinghua–Science Workshops: Structural biology and drug design (Advertorial series - Part 2)

Tsinghua University and Science/AAAS are collaborating to present the latest breakthroughs and advances in a range of important research areas.  Internationally renowned experts have been invited to present their work in a series of lectures that will run through 2021.  In the first lecture series, the speakers sought to broaden our understanding of the critical role played by spliceosomes—RNA-protein complexes responsible for processing pre-mRNAs into mature mRNAs for translation into proteins—in disease and viral pathogenesis. The second series focused on how molecular structures impact drug design, including how technological advances have improved our understanding of G protein-coupled receptors, a frequent drug target, and voltage-gated sodium channels, often involved in neurological diseases. The immune system was also highlighted, with talks on the inflammasome and T cell-specific ligand-receptor complexes. You can find other advertorials in this series here: Part 1.


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