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Space, AI ace, and the human race: Breakthroughs that will lead us to a better future

For over 30 years, the journal Science has catalogued the boundaries of human knowledge and achievement by marking the Breakthrough of the Year, an annual collection of the most exciting accomplishments in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Now, in a new partnership with Science, Tencent, a China-based tech giant and AI leader, is promoting an independent set of breakthrough topics to youth. Tencent leveraged its social, data, and analysis services—collecting more than 1 million votes from its young users—to distill 100 scientific news articles down to the 20 breakthrough topics that most interested them. Members of the Science staff, along with those from the News from Science team, further narrowed these topics to 10. These topics will be presented in January at the second annual Tencent Youth Science Festival.


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