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The future is now: Laying the foundation for Sweden’s life science research

SciLifeLab new technology


In recent years, the ability to record genomics, proteomics, single-cell, imaging, and other data has leaped by orders of magnitude. Technological innovations have boosted the volume of data that can be collected as well as the speed at which they are acquired. Mountains of systematic, comprehensive, and deep data are available in the public domain, enabling scientists to mine them for unexpected, unpredictable relationships and new knowledge. Concomitantly, computing power, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other technologies available to crunch that data have dramatically improved. All of these changes have led to the rise of data—rather than the technologies used to gather them—as a key driver of life science research. Catching this wave, Swedens SciLifeLab is launching a national program on data-driven life science intended to train the next generation of life scientists and change the way life science is carried out across the country.


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