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About the Science Podcast

Each week on the Science Podcast, host Sarah Crespi delves into the latest scientific discoveries with researchers and news writers from around the globe. Learn about everything from how researchers are battling stinkbugs using samurai wasps, to the nuances of a vaccine-derived outbreak of polio in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the way DNA might be used to predict how a suspected criminal might look. In a once-a-month book segment, Jen Golbeck interviews the authors of recently published books, such as The Perfectionists by Simon Winchester and Smell Detectives by Melanie Kiechle.

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Podcast details

  • The show drops every Thursday at 2 p.m.
  • Length: ~20 minutes
  • Produced and hosted by Sarah Crespi, edited by
  • The Science Podcast is hosted on Libsyn.
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