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The Science family of journals is moving

This summer, all content hosted at will be moving to Atypon’s online publishing platform, Literatum. We will be redesigning our website to provide a better experience for our readers and librarians. 

Read on to find answers to some frequently asked questions from our institutional customers about the coming updates. Readers and members can find more information in our migration FAQ for readers.

What’s happening and why?

What’s happening?

All the content at, which is currently hosted on multiple platforms, will be moving to Atypon’s online publishing platform, Literatum. 

This includes all of Science’s content, including the archives dating back to 1880, the research and commentary in Science Translational Medicine, Science Signaling, Science Immunology, and Science Robotics, and the open-access journal Science Advances, as well as our News from Science, Science Careers, blog, video, podcast, and Custom Publishing content. 

As part of the move, we are redesigning our website to provide an enhanced experience for our readers, including more article tools, clearer navigation, and better display of figures and photos. 

Why are we migrating? 

The new website will offer readers a more integrated view of our content, including a reader experience–focused redesign, author tools, and enhanced search. The change in platform will also increase internal efficiency and flexibility, helping Science further meet the needs of the research community and better respond to evolving needs in publishing. 

Impact on end users 

How will my patrons be affected? 

Readers will notice an improved experience.

As a result of the migration, URLs will be changing. Permanent redirects will be in place to ensure continuity of access. Readers who have bookmarked a page will be redirected to the new site. 

Will users need to create a new account? 

No, all existing user accounts will be migrated to the new website.  

News from Science subscribers and library site administrators, who had a separate login process, will now sign in through the same process as other users using a AAAS ID, but they will not need to create new accounts. Anyone in these groups will receive direct communications about the login process.

Will email alerts be migrated? 

Alerts for Citations, Corrections, and eLetters are being migrated and will have a different appearance, but users will continue to receive the alerts which they have signed up for. eTOC alerts will not be changing.

Impact on librarians 

Who can I contact if I have a question about the impact to my library? 

Prior to the migration, please email After the migration, please email  


When is the migration happening? 

The new website will launch in late summer 2021.

Can you provide a timeline with all the actions and relevant deadlines I need to know about?

A timeline is being developed, including actions and deadlines, and will be communicated directly with institutional contacts. 

How much advance notice will we receive about the go-live date? 

We’ll be able to give a definitive date about three weeks before launch. 

Will there be any interruption of service? 

There will be some limited downtime when we migrate to the new site. This will be minimized and is planned for a low usage period. 

URLs and DOIs 

How will URLs be affected? Is there anything I need to do to ensure continuity? 

As a result of the migration, URLs will be changing. Permanent redirects will be in place to ensure continuity of access. We will be communicating the URL changes closer to launch.  

When is the earliest we can switch the links to the new URL structure? Will there be a period of access on HighWire and Atypon or do we have to switch on one day to ensure continuity? 

There will not be a period where the new and old sites are available at the same time. Please note that when the DNS moves to the new site, there will likely be some delays in the availability of the new site in some regions as the new server information is propagated globally.  

Will there be any changes to DOIs? Will the DOIs be updated to reflect the new domain? 

DOIs will stay the same. Crossref will be provided with the new domain structure so that the DOIs direct users to the correct page immediately. Any short-term delays at Crossref will be covered by the permanent redirects implemented as part of the migration. 

How does the move to a new domain impact linking from course reserves, bookmarked links, OPACs, etc.? 

Redirects will be in place to ensure a smooth user journey. However, we will communicate the new URLs so that you can update links within your systems.  This is a part of our migration checklist. 

Access to the administrator portal 

Will there be a change in how site administrators log on? 

Site administrators will log into Atypon using AAAS IDs. Existing administrators will have their admin accounts migrated to the new site ahead of launch, but will need to reset their password ahead of their first login. Instructions will be emailed to current site administrators ahead of launch.   

To ensure your site administrator is assigned a AAAS ID and can login to the administrative portal at launch, please fill out the form here to confirm or update to whom administrative access should be granted. 

Remote access and browser support 

Are you still supporting the same access types? 

Yes, we will continue to support all the same access types (EZ Proxy, Open Athens and Shibboleth, VPN, and Google CASA).   

Will I need to make any changes to the Shibboleth/OpenAthens set up? 

No. These settings are being migrated to the new site. 

Will there be any changes to browser support and off-campus access? 

Off-campus access will continue, but users will have to renew their CASA tokens if receiving access through CASA once the new site is live. 

Browser support isn’t changing. Atypon supports all current modern browsers. Internet Explorer should no longer be considered supported as it has been depreciated and replaced by Microsoft Edge. 

What about my proxy settings? 

EZ Proxy stanzas will need to be updated on the institution side (unless you have a hosted account); the related IP address for the proxy is being migrated to Atypon. We are working with OCLC to ensure they have the appropriate information in place in advance of the migration. 


Will our COUNTER reports on HighWire still be available? 

Your COUNTER reports will be available on HighWire until the site moves to Atypon. After the site is migrated, we will provide zip files for HighWire reports.  

Will there be any impact on usage reports? 

Due to the timing of the migration, COUNTER statistics for June will be divided between HighWire and Atypon. In order to assist libraries with this transition, COUNTER reports from 2014 to the last day of access on HighWire will be available as zip files on Atypon. These files should be available shortly after launch. 

Impact on information providers 

Will aggregators, knowledge bases and discovery providers be notified and provided updated URLs? Do I need to do anything about this? 

We are working closely with aggregators and discovery providers to ensure a seamless transition. You do not need to do anything to notify these services. The services we are working with include: 

  • Access Innovations 
  • Bio-Protocol 
  • CAS 
  • CCC 
  • Clarivate (including Web of Science) 
  • Crossref (including Crossmark and Fundref) 
  • Digital Science (including Altmetrics) 
  • DOAJ 
  • EBSCO (including EDS, FTF, INSPEC) 
  • Elsevier (including Mendeley, SciVal, REAXYS) 
  • GeoRef 
  • Google Scholar 
  • JSTOR 
  • Naver 
  • NLM (including PubMed/ Medline and PubMed Central)
  • OCLC (including WMS/WISE)
  • OVID
  • Portico
  • ProQuest Ex Libris (including Summon, Primo, SFX, 360Link, Alma, Encore Duet)
  • Reprints Desk
  • Researcher App
  • Scopus 
  • Semantic Scholar
  • TrendMD