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This summer, all content hosted at will be moving to Atypon’s online publishing platform, Literatum. We will be redesigning our website to provide a better experience for our readers and librarians. Read on to find answers to some frequently asked questions about the coming updates.

What’s happening?

All the content at, which is currently hosted on multiple platforms, will be moving to Atypon’s online publishing platform, Literatum.

This includes all of Science’s content, including the archives dating back to 1880, the research and commentary in Science Translational Medicine, Science Signaling, Science Immunology, and Science Robotics, and the open-access journal Science Advances, as well as our News from Science, Science Careers, blog, video, podcast, and Custom Publishing content.

As part of the move, we are redesigning our website to provide an enhanced experience for our readers, including more article tools, clearer navigation, and better display of figures and photos.

Why is this happening?

The new website will offer readers a more integrated view of our content, including a reader experience­–focused redesign, author tools, and enhanced search. The change in platform will also increase internal efficiency and flexibility, helping Science further meet the needs of the research community and better respond to evolving needs in publishing.

When does the new site launch?

The new website will launch in late summer 2021.

Will the new site have a different URL?    

The new platform will have a new URL: This better reflects the wide range of content that we publish and our position as a leading scientific publisher.

You won’t need to do anything differently. Any URLs containing will automatically redirect to the same content on the new website.

What will change?

We’ve redesigned our website and made a lot of improvements. Our responsive design will ensure a seamless user experience on any device, and a clearer navigational structure will allow you to browse and find content more easily. You will be able to personalize your experience more through saved searches and bookmarking. References and figures in research articles will be more visible. The new site will make our News from Science, Science Careers, blog, video, and podcast content more discoverable, and it will be easier to find related articles when reading research and commentary.

What won’t change?

Our content: All our content will be migrated and continue to be accessible.

URL access: The URL of the new site is changing, but all content will be accessible at the same URLs via redirects.

Print and web-reader versions: The migration only affects content on The print journal, as well as the web-reader version at, will remain the same. and our other related sites will remain the same.

Social media: Our social media handles will remain the same.

I’m an institutional customer or administrator. How can I prepare for the migration?

We will email site administrators throughout the migration period. We are developing a Migration Checklist with all required steps to ensure a successful transition. To update your site administrator, please complete this form.

We are conducting regular focus groups and interviews with our institutional customers throughout the migration period to hear your concerns about the upcoming migration, to learn what changes you are hoping will be implemented, and to receive your feedback on the new site.

If you are an institutional customer and would like to be notified of an upcoming focus group or to share any additional feedback, please complete this brief form.

For more information about the migration, please read our migration FAQ for librarians.

Where can I get help if I have questions?

Keep an eye out for more communications about the redesign. If you have questions, email MemberCentral Support at Institutional customers should email