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About First Release

First Release provides rapid online publication of selected research papers, Perspectives, and other articles that have recently been accepted for publication in Science. For authors, it's a chance to get their peer-reviewed results in front of the scientific community as much as four to six weeks before they would otherwise appear in print. For readers, it's an opportunity to connect with these hot results immediately. 

First Release papers are considered to be published on the day they are posted, and are citable from that date. When the print version appears, the version released first online is replaced with the final version that appeared in print, and the paper is moved to the appropriate print issue on the Science site. The paper will no longer appear in the First Release index; however, all links and bookmarks will still access the final printed version (the URL will not change).

The print version of a paper indicates the date when the paper was first published online and citation information which includes the DOI. Please cite papers that have been published in First Release as follows:

For a paper that has appeared first online but has not yet appeared in print, include the name of the journal Science, the date, and the DOI in the citation—for example:

W. Jones, B. Smith, Science, 20 December 2005 (10.1126/science.1054678).

After print publication of a First Release paper, include the full print reference, the date, and the DOI of the electronic publication—for example:

W. Jones, B. Smith, Science 311, 496 (2006); published online 20 December 2005 (10.1126/science.1297580).

Access to First Release papers is free to AAAS members as a benefit of membership. Simply click on the content you want and enter your user name and password. Other individuals who aren't AAAS members can access through a pay-per-view option. (Further information on membership is available here.)

Full-text access to First Release papers before print publication is available as a benefit to a Science site license. If your library doesn't have access to First Release papers through an online subscription and you think your work could benefit from early access to these research results, speak to your librarian.