In the category of robots at work, this bot might be up for most dangerous job. The combat-ready “Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System,” or MAARS robot, enters risky areas in advance of troops. Here, it’s being guided through an urban training ground at
Forget that fantasy trip to volunteer at the vineyard in France! Burgundy-colored Wall-Ye is equipped with shears and sensors so it can do the tough work of pruning and monitoring plants throughout the season.
Like horses, camels need jockeys when they race. Until a few years ago, young boys were the likely riders. Now, tiny robot jockeys ride camels through the sand while owners remotely control their little whips.
Players in the Robot Soccer World Cup, or RoboCup, are mostly interested in the serious business of advancing robotics and artificial intelligence. All the teams in the Standard Platform League game use the same type of robot body, and the best-designed s
Despite their extremely “metal” appearance, the all-robot band Z-Machines can play sweet mellow music. But they can also amp it up to take full advantage of their extra fingers and arms and rock out with extreme mechanical precision. The only thing these
Performers inside giant “fembots” are just one element of the extreme floor show at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. Other acts include boxing robots, giant motorcycles, and lots and lots of neon.
Talk about high-tech toys! Tomy’s “Hello! MiP” bot can dance, spin, fetch, and carry -- and apparently, it even knows how to box. This little guy can be controlled using a phone or with hand movements, so there’s lots of different ways to teach it to brin
TOPIO may look like the Terminator, but it’s here to play table tennis, not destroy the human race. Its name stands for "TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot" and it uses an artificial intelligence system to improve continuously during play, learning from each pr
If you think this robot looks like an animal, you’re on the right track. The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense to act as a trained combat animal and literally take the burden off soldiers in rough terrain. C
Google’s newest self-driving car, released in May, was built entirely from scratch—and it shows. The car has no steering wheel, accelerator, or brakes. And if you’re planning on kicking back and on rocking out to some music while it drives you around, thi
Meet the robot pal you’ve been dreaming of. PR2, developed by the robotics lab Willow Garage, can do almost anything you want around the house: It folds laundry, fetches beers, flips pancakes, and even cleans up after you. PR2 was designed as an open sour

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