Special Feature: The Neandertal Genome

Articles in Science

Research Papers

A Draft Sequence of the Neandertal Genome
Science 7 May 2010 328: 710-722
Targeted Interrogation of the Neandertal Genome by Array-Based Sequence Capture
Science 7 May 2010 328: 723-725
Targeted Retrieval and Analysis of Five Neandertal mtDNA Genomes
Science 17 July 2009 325: 318-321
Includes a video demonstration of the technique used to isolate DNA sequences from highly degraded samples.
A Melanocortin 1 Receptor Allele Suggests Varying Pigmentation Among Neanderthals
Science 30 November 2007 318: 1453-1455
Sequencing and Analysis of Neanderthal Genomic DNA
Science 17 November 2006 314: 1113-1118


New Tricks with Old Bones
Science 11 July 2008 321: 211-212

News Articles

Close Encounters Of the Prehistoric Kind
Science 7 May 2010 328: 680-684
Cloned Neandertals Still in the Realm of Sci-Fi
Science 7 May 2010 328: 682-683
Computer Kid Makes Good
Science 7 May 2010 328: 683
Neandertal Jewelry Shows Their Symbolic Smarts
Science 15 January 2010 327: 255-256
Better Homes and Hearths, Neandertal-Style
Science 20 November 2009 326: 1056-1057
New Work May Complicate History Of Neandertals and H. sapiens
Science 9 October 2009 326: 224-225
Sequencing Neandertal Mitochondrial Genomes by the Half-Dozen
Science 17 July 2009 325: 252
Bringing Hominins Back to Life
Science 10 July 2009 325: 136-139
Tales of a Prehistoric Human Genome
Science 13 February 2009 323: 866-871
A Neandertal Primer
Science 13 February 2009 323: 870
Ancient DNA Reveals Neandertals With Red Hair, Fair Complexions
Science 26 October 2007 318: 546-547
No Sex Please, We're Neandertals
Science 18 May 2007 316: 967
The Dawn of Stone Age Genomics
Science 17 November 2006 314: 1068-1071

Video Extras

Additional commentary from paleoanthropologist Chris Stringer (Natural History Museum, London), geneticist Sarah Tishkoff (University of Pennsylvania), and study author Svante Pääbo (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology).

Clip 1: Stringer on the potential implications of the Neandertal genome data for models of modern human origins. (04:37)

Clip 2: Stringer and Tishkoff on the value of genomic analyses of additional archaic hominin species. (02:10)

Clip 3: Stringer and Pääbo on genes and gene mutations that may have contributed to the evolution of modern humans. (03:54)

Web Resources

The Neandertal Genome Project
Project web site maintained by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Evolutionary Genetics.
Evidence: A Case Study in Human Origins
Web exhibit that explores how scientific evidence is being used to shape our current understanding of human evolution; from the Exploratorium, San Francisco, California.
Neanderthal Code
National Geographic interactive that examines the history and fate of our closest relatives.
Human Origins
Comprehensive resource on human evolution from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Spitzer Hall of Human Origins
Web companion to a comprehensive exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, New York.
Becoming Human
Multimedia site, including an interactive documentary and timeline, as well as classroom materials; from the Institute of Human Origins, Arizona State University.
Primer Extension Capture: Targeted Sequence Retrieval from Heavily Degraded DNA Sources
Video demonstration of a method of retrieving DNA from ancient bones; from Science and the Journal of Visualized Experiments.
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