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This Week

With genetic mapping, cats' mysteries will be unraveled
(New York Times, 15 February 2005

Potato-based vaccine success comes too late
(New Scientist, 15 February 2005

Can you hear me now?
(ScienceNOW, 14 February 2005)

Top U.K. biomedical center to move
(ScienceNOW, 14 February 2005)

Poor cell memory is key to cancer
(BBC News, 14 February 2005)

Crick's first DNA doodle released
(BBC News, 14 February 2005)

Opposing fat metabolism pathways triggered by a single gene
(Science Daily, 13 February 2005)

DNA recombination and repair -- A new twist to RecA function
(Science Daily, 13 February 2005)

Stem cells hit snag in Massachusetts
(ScienceNOW, 11 February 2005)

Bioinformatics: With a stumble, Microsoft launches European research project
(Science, 11 February 2005)

Lupus drug company asks FDA for a second chance
(Science, 11 February 2005)

SUMO wrestles its way to prominence in the cell
(Science, 11 February 2005)

Barcoding life
(ScienceNOW, 10 February 2005)

Senators file bill for stem cell research
(New York Times, 10 February 2005

Open-source practices for biotechnology
(New York Times, 10 February 2005

Increased risk of osteoporosis associated with gene that one in five people have
(Science Daily, 10 February 2005)

Separating wheat from chaff in plant genomes
(Science Daily, 9 February 2005)

Know thyself
(ScienceNOW, 8 February 2005)

Dolly expert is to clone embryos
(BBC News, 8 February 2005)

New tuberculosis strategy shows promise
(ScienceNOW, 7 February 2005)

International HapMap consortium expands mapping effort
(EurekAlert!, 7 February 2005)

Controlling protein diversity
(Science Daily, 7 February 2005)

Gene used in brain development can cause childhood brain cancers
(Science Daily, 7 February 2005)

Power tools for the gene age
(San Francisco Chronicle, 7 February 2005)

Fleshing out the genome
(Science Daily, 5 February 2005)

Spotting evolution on the wing
(Science Daily, 5 February 2005)

Last Week

Keeping things in proportion
(ScienceNOW, 4 February 2005)

A step toward cheaper anti-HIV therapy
(Science, 4 February 2005)

Immortality dies as bacteria show their age
(Science, 4 February 2005)

Asia jockeys for stem cell lead
(Science, 4 February 2005)

Structure of a conserved RNA element in the SARS virus genome determined
(Science Daily, 3 February 2005)

Evolution of sex chromosomes: The case of the white campion
(Science Daily, 2 February 2005)

Gene used in brain development can cause childhood brain cancers
(EurekAlert!, 2 February 2005)

Gene therapy promising for growing tooth-supporting bone
(EurekAlert!, 1 February 2005)

National survey shows Americans are in the dark regarding genetically modified foods
(Science Daily, 1 February 2005)

A 'gene's kiss' turns on puberty
(BBC News, 1 February 2005)

For zebrafish, that certain glow
(New York Times, 1 February 2005

New trigger for breast cancer
(ScienceNOW, 31 January 2005)

Racial groupings match genetic profiles, Stanford study finds
(Science Daily, 31 January 2005)

DNA bid for U.S. 'founding father'
(BBC News, 31 January 2005)

Non-sex genes 'link to gay trait'
(BBC News, 31 January 2005)

Scientists turn stem cells into neurons
(New York Times, 31 January 2005

Protein's gene-silencing role in development of nervous system
(Medical News Today, 31 January 2005

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