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How we understand gene expression and function -- as well as the mistakes in gene regulation that can lead to disease -- forms the topic of a special collection of articles in Science and its online companion sites. In Science, News, Review, and Viewpoint articles explore a variety of aspects of gene expression and its regulation, efforts to develop a complete "parts list" of the structural and functional elements of the human genome, and the promise of systems-based approaches to further the goal of predictive medicine. Articles in the Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment offer insight into the dynamics of gene expression from a signaling perspective. The Science of Aging Knowledge Environment looks at how microarrays and other genome-scale technologies are being applied to aging research. And the Science Functional Genomics Web site features an online discussion on the future of microarrays, as well as links to additional resources on gene expression.

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Focus Issue -- The Dynamics of Gene Expression
N. R. Gough
Regulatory factors and DNA perform an intricate dance to regulate gene expression.

Selective Gene Expression in Multigene Families From Yeast to Mammals
J. Z. Dalgaard and S. Vengrova
Exclusive gene expression is achieved through diverse mechanisms.


Dynamic Control of Nuclear Receptor Transcription
A. M. Fowler and E. T. Alarid
Nuclear receptors and transcriptional regulators interact dynamically with DNA.

UV Laser Cross-linking -- A Real Time Assay to Study Dynamic Protein/DNA Interactions During Chromatin Remodeling
A. K. Nagaich and G. L. Hager
UV laser crosslinking can be used to study transcription factor interactions with DNA in real time.

In Science's SAGE KE


Aging-Related Research in the "-omics" Age
M. Kaeberlein
Genome-wide analyses should provide insight into aging and longevity.


Microarrays as a Tool to Investigate the Biology of Aging -- A Retrospective and a Look to the Future
S. Melov and A. Hubbard
Microarray-based experiments present special problems and require careful design.

In Science Functional Genomics


A Microarray Discussion
On the SFG Weblog, four experts discuss the present and future of microarray technology and data sharing.


Gene Expression Links
Pointers to selected online resources on gene expression and microarrays.