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Science Magazine and its online companion sites offer a broad view of drug discovery issues, both scientific and practical, in a special collection published 19 March 2004. In Science, News, Viewpoint, and Review articles cover the roles of molecular biology, organic chemistry, and computer science in blazing new trails in both drug design and drug delivery -- as well as the "blockbuster syndrome" that can sometimes hamstring progress in drug discovery. The Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment explores how signaling pathways offer promising drug discovery targets, in a series of Perspectives and a Review. The Science of Aging Knowledge Environment examines drug discovery progress in a range of aging-related disorders, particularly neurodegenerative diseases. And Science's Next Wave continues its March 2004 special series on careers in drug discovery.

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Drug Discovery
D. Kennedy


Rethinking Drug Discovery
P. Szuromi, V. Vinson, E. Marshall

Surviving the Blockbuster Syndrome
R. F. Service

Orphan Drugs of the Future?
R. F. Service
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