Breakthrough of the Year:  2004

In the 17 December 2004 issue of Science, our News staff once again pauses to look back at some of the top scientific research and policy stories of the past year. For our online readers, we've added a bonus: links to key references and interesting Web sites related to each story. And Next Wave, Science's online companion site providing resources for early-career scientists, offers a rundown of the year's most important events in science careers worldwide.

In Science:

Donald Kennedy
Science306, 2001 (2004)

Breakthrough of the Year:
On Mars, a Second Chance for Life

Richard A. Kerr
Science306, 2010-2012 (2004)

Doing Science Remotely
Elizabeth Pennisi and Richard A. Kerr
Science306, 2011 (2004)

The Runners-Up
The Science News Staff
Science306, 2013-2017 (2004)

Scorecard 2003
The Science News Staff
Science302, 2012 (2004)

Areas to Watch in 2005
The Science News Staff
Science306, 2014 (2004)

Breakdown of the Year:
The Unwritten Contract

Jeffrey Mervis
Science306, 2015 (2004)

Avian Influenza:
Catastrophe Waiting in the Wings?

Martin Enserink
Science306, 2016 (2004)

On Science's Next Wave:

Career Breakthroughs of the Year, 2004
Next Wave Staff
A rundown of the most important developments in science careers worldwide.

Next Wave Canada: A Phoenix Flies to Mars
A. Fazekas
A Canadian systems engineer for the Mars rover mission discusses prospects for early-career scientists.

Next Wave Europe: Lost in Space, But Still on Track
E. Pain
What was it like to work on Beagle 2, the Mars Express mission lander that was lost in space?