The Mosquito Genome:  Anopheles gambiae

Research Articles and Reports

Anopheles gambiae: Genome Sequence, Comparative Genomics, and Molecular Biology

The Genome Sequence of the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae
R. A. Holt et al.; Science 298, 129 (2002)
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Comparative Genome and Proteome Analysis of Anopheles gambiae and Drosophila melanogaster
E. M. Zdobnov et al.; Science 298, 149 (2002)
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Immunity-Related Genes and Gene Families in Anopheles gambiae
G. K. Christophides et al.; Science 298, 159 (2002)
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Neuropeptides and Peptide Hormones in Anopheles gambiae
M. A. Riehle et al.; Science 298, 172 (2002)
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G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Anopheles gambiae
C. A. Hill et al.; Science 298, 176 (2002)
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Evolution of Supergene Families Associated with Insecticide Resistance
H. Ranson et al.; Science 298, 179 (2002)
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Inversions and Gene Order Shuffling in Anopheles gambiae and A. funestus
I. V. Sharakhov et al.; Science 298, 182 (2002)
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In Science Express:
A Polytene Chromosome Analysis of the Anopheles gambiae Species Complex
M. Coluzzi et al.; 10.1126/science.1077769 (2002)

Plasmodium falciparum: Genetics, Drug Resistance, and Parasite-Mosquito Interactions

Chloroquine Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Parasites Conferred by pfcrt Mutations
A. B. S. Sidhu, D. Verdier-Pinard, D. A. Fidock; Science 298, 210 (2002)
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Perspective: A Requiem for Chloroquine
I. M. Hastings, P. G. Bray, S. A. Ward; Science 298, 74 (2002)
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Genetic Loci Affecting Resistance to Human Malaria Parasites in a West African Mosquito Vector Population
O. Niaré et al.; Science 298, 213 (2002)
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Excess Polymorphisms in Genes for Membrane Proteins in Plasmodium falciparum
S. K. Volkman et al.; Science 298, 216 (2002)
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Poster and Web Extras

Anopheles gambiae Poster

We offer two online versions of the poster on the malaria mosquito, its genome, and its impact that was included with the 4 October 2002 print issue of Science:

  • An interactive edition (on Science Functional Genomics Web site) with embedded links to online resources and special-issue articles related to the poster's themes.

  • A PDF version (1.6 MB) that can be downloaded and printed out on an 11 x 17 sheet.
The Malaria System: Online Resources on the Biology of Anopheles, Plasmodium, and Man

A collection of Web resources, from the Science Functional Genomics Web site.

Meet the Mosquitoes

Quick looks at the lifestyles and disease influence of A. gambiae and nine of its cousins. From Science's News Department.

News and Commentary


The Anopheles gambiae Genome: Completing the Malaria Triad
K. S. Aultman, M. Gottlieb, M. Giovanni, A. S. Fauci; Science 298, 13 (2002)
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Special Issue Introduction

Taking a Genomic Bite of the Malaria Mosquito
B. R. Jasny, O. M. Smith, L. Roberts, M. Enserink; Science 298, 77 (2002)
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Opening Viewpoint

The Mosquito Genome -- A Breakthrough for Public Health
C. M. Morel, Y. T. Touré, B. Dobrokhotov, A. M. J. Oduola; Science 298, 79 (2002)
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News Coverage

On Anopheles:

Creatures of Our Own Making
S. Budiansky; Science 298, 80 (2002)
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Meet the Mosquitoes
M. Enserink; Science 298 (2002)
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Mosquitoes and Disease
Science 298, 82 (2002)

In Pursuit of a Killer
G. Vogel; Science 298, 87 (2002)
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What Mosquitoes Want: Secrets of Host Attraction
M. Enserink; Science 298, 90 (2002)
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Lab v. Field: The Case for Studying Real-Life Bugs
M. Enserink; Science 298, 92 (2002)
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An Elegant But Imperfect Tool
G. Vogel; Science 298, 94 (2002)
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On Plasmodium:

Parasite Genome Sequenced, Scrutinized
E. Pennisi; Science 298, 33 (2002)
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An Overview of Insecticide Resistance
J. Hemingway, L. Field, J. Vontas; Science 298, 96 (2002)
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The Anopheles Genome and Comparative Insect Genomics
T. C. Kaufman, D. W. Severson, G. E. Robinson; Science 298, 97 (2002)
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Speciation within Anopheles gambiae -- the Glass is Half Full
A. della Torre et al.; Science 298, 115 (2002)
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The Ecology of Genetically Modified Mosquitos
T. W. Scott, W. Takken, B. G. J. Knols, C. Boëte; Science 298, 117 (2002)
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Malaria Control with Genetically Manipulated Vectors
L. Alphey et al.; Science 298, 119 (2002)
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Malaria -- a Shadow over Africa
L. H. Miller and B. Greenwood; Science 298, 121 (2002)
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A New Global Effort to Control Malaria
J. D. Sachs; Science 298, 122 (2002)
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Plasmodium Chloroquine Resistance and the Search for a Replacement Antimalarial Drug
T. E. Wellems; Science 298, 124 (2002)
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The Plasmodium Falciparum Genome -- a Blueprint for Erythrocyte Invasion
A. F. Cowman and B. S. Crabb; Science 298, 126 (2002)
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