Online Extras

Below, some Web-only features that complement and expand on the content of Science and its companion Web sites.

The Neandertal Genome
Dimensions of Science Cooperation 
This collection includes Editorials and Policy Forums that explore different approaches to collaborations and issues that arise from changes in the cooperation landscape.
The Neandertal Genome
The Neandertal Genome 
A presentation with video commentary highlights the sequencing and analysis of the Neandertal genome.
Special Issues
Science Special Issues and Online Collections>
A listing of special Science issues on topics ranging from stem cells to AIDS research to the Milky Way -- including tie-ins with the journal's online companion sites.
Science is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species and the 200th anniversary of the author's birth with a variety of news features, scientific reviews and other special content, all collected here.
The Gonzo Scientist
The Gonzo Scientist>
Science contributing correspondent John Bohannon writes an occasional column on the intersections among science, culture, and art.
Stem Cell Controversy
Special Focus: Hwang et al. and Stem Cell Controversy>
A special collection of articles, links, and other information chronicling the 2005-2006 stem cell scandal.
Global Voices of Science
Global Voices of Science>
The online version of our 125th Anniversary essay series, focusing on worldwide scientific perspectives, features a slide show accompanying each essay and links to additional online resources.
Electronic Letters
Electronic Letters>
Readers' electronic responses to Science research, news, and commentary.
Teaching Resources
Science Signaling Teaching Resources>
Video clips, animations, PowerPoint presentations, and other material geared at educators in cell biology and cell signaling.
Supporting Online Material
Supporting Online Material>
Science has been supplementing its papers with supporting online material since October 1996. In this listing, we provide an archival index of articles with such supporting online data posted between fall 1996 and fall 2000. Articles posted after November 2000 that include supporting online material or supplemental data are so noted in the issue table of contents for that week.