SciLifeLab 2013 Finalist

Gabriel D. Victora

Gabriel D. Victora for his essay in the category of Molecular and Cellular Biology, "Stop, Go, and Evolve," is the first runner-up. Dr. Victora is a Whitehead Fellow at the Whitehead Institute for Bio-medical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he heads the Laboratory of Lymphocyte Dynamics. He received his Ph.D. from New York University School of Medicine for work done jointly at this institution and at the Rockefeller University. His work combines mouse genetics with intravital microscopy to study the development of high-affinity antibodies in the germinal center. He is a recipient of the 2011 Weintraub Award for Graduate Research, the 2012 March of Dimes Foundation Basil O'Connor Scholar Award, and the 2012 National Institutes of Health director's Early Independence Award.