Podcast: Saving grizzlies from trains, cheap sun-powered water purification, and a deep look at science-based policymaking

Science Podcast
This week, we chat about why grizzly bears seem to be dying on Canadian railway tracks, slow-release fertilizers that reduce environmental damage, and cleaning water with the power of the sun on the cheap, with Online News Editor David Grimm. And David Malakoff joins Alexa Billow to discuss a package of stories on the role of science and evidence in policymaking[link TK]. Listen to previous podcasts.  [Image: tacky_ch/iStockphoto; Music: Jeffrey Cook]


Sarah Crespi

Sarah Crespi is the Senior Multimedia Producer at Science and host of the Science Magazine Podcast.

Alexa Billow

Alexa Billow

Alexa Billow is an intern on the Science multimedia team and a freelance science writer.

David Grimm

David is the Online News Editor of Science.

David Malakoff

David is a Deputy News Editor specializing in coverage of science policy, energy and the environment.