Podcast: A farewell to Science’s editor-in-chief, how mosquito spit makes us sick, and bears that use human shields

Science Podcast
Mother bear with cub

Siegfried Klaus

Listen to how mosquito spit helps make us sick, mother bears protect their young with human shields, and blind cave fish could teach us a thing or two about psychiatric disease, with Online News Editor Catherine Matacic. Marcia McNutt looks back on her time as Science’s editor-in-chief, her many natural disaster–related editorials, and looks forward to her next stint as president of the National Academy of Sciences, with host Sarah Crespi.  

[Music: Jeffrey Cook; Image: Siegfried Klaus]


Sarah Crespi

Sarah Crespi is the Senior Multimedia Producer at Science and host of the Science Magazine Podcast.

Catherine Matacic

Catherine Matacic

Catherine Matacic is an associate online editor, specializing in linguistics and the social sciences. She also runs the Science news quiz, which she occasionally aces!

Marcia McNutt

Former Editor-in-Chief of the Science family of journals