Podcast: Explaining menopause in killer whales, triggering killer mice, and the role of chromosome number in cancer immunotherapy

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Copyright Kenneth Balcomb Center for Whale Research

This week, we chat about a surprising reason why killer whales undergo menopause, flipping a kill switch in mice with lasers, and Fukushima residents who measured their own radiation exposure, with Online News Editor Catherine Matacic. Plus, Science’s Alexa Billow talks to Stephen Elledge about the relationship between chromosomal abnormalities in tumors and immunotherapy for cancer.

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[Image: Copyright Kenneth Balcomb Center for Whale Research; Music: Jeffrey Cook]

DOI: 10.1126/science.aal0636

Sarah Crespi

Sarah Crespi is the Senior Multimedia Producer at Science and host of the Science Magazine Podcast.

Alexa Billow

Alexa Billow

Alexa Billow is an intern on the Science multimedia team and a freelance science writer.

Catherine Matacic

Catherine Matacic

Catherine Matacic is an associate online editor, specializing in linguistics and the social sciences. She also runs the Science news quiz, which she occasionally aces!