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These Crickets Hit the Highest Notes in the World

University of Lincoln

These Crickets Hit the Highest Notes in the World

A cricket with the highest pitched mating call in the world has been discovered in the Colombian and Ecuadorian rainforests. At 150 kilohertz, the call is so intense that people can’t come anywhere close to hearing it; humans can only perceive sounds that go up to about 20 kilohertz, National Geographic reports. Dubbed Supersonus, the male insects make the sound by rubbing a wing against a row of teeth on their other wing. After being altered for humans to hear, the sound is similar to a pingpong ball bouncing, the researchers report this week in PLOS ONE.

*Correction, 6 June, 2:50 p.m.: At 150 kilohertz, the cricket's call should be characterized as intense, as opposed to loud, as was previously written. This has been fixed.

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