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  • British Research Charities See Funds Dry Up

    In the United Kingdom, medical charities provide a vital supplement to government funding of biomedical research, with organizations such as the Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK investing heavily in lab facilities and research grants. But with the economy in tatters, their coffers are taking major hits as investments go sour and donations dry up.

  • Stimulus $eekers Swamping

    President Barack Obama's plan to pump money to scientists to help jump-start the economy has hit a snag: Grant seekers are overwhelming, the main site for applying for federal grants. According to updates on the site in early March, the site is set up to handle up to 2000 users at a time, but it has been flooded with about 3000. On 16 March, the system was down for 8 hours, prompting the National Institutes of Health to extend a grant deadline by a day.

  • Chu Lights a Fire Under DOE

    The thing that seemed to shock Steven Chu most when he took over as secretary of energy—he talked about it constantly during his first month in office—was how long it took the Department of Energy to do anything. For example: One of the biggest tools that DOE has, when it comes to promoting green energy, is the ability to issue loan guarantees, making it possible for companies to borrow money for big projects that banks might otherwise find too risky.

  • White House Nabs Science Money Whiz

    The science wonkocracy knows well the work of Kei Koizumi, Washington, D.C.'s, premier research budget number cruncher. That includes newly confirmed science adviser John Holdren, who's hired Koizumi away from AAAS, which publishes Science.

  • Bomb Labs Should Not Be Run By Military, Say Lawmakers

    Congressional defenders of the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories are trying to stamp out any talk of turning control of the labs over to the Pentagon. In a letter released yesterday, senators Jeff Bingaman (D–NM), Lisa Murkowski (R–AK), Byron Dorgan (D–ND), and Bob Bennett (R–UT) called on the Obama Administration to cancel an internal study of the costs and benefits of such a move.  

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