Kamran Aslam/Wikimedia Commons

Happy birthday to the man who discovered photosynthesis!

Nearly every middle schooler has heard of photosynthesis, the process plants use to turn sunlight into energy, but far fewer have heard of its discoverer—until now. In honor of Jan Ingenhousz’s 287th birthday, today’s Google Doodle highlights the 18th century Dutch scientist who figured out this foundational chemistry, Forbes reports. Ingenhousz began studying medicine at 16, immunizing hundreds in Europe against smallpox and becoming doctor to Austria’s royal family, before turning to plant chemistry on a fateful trip to England. There, he met with chemist and natural philosopher Joseph Priestley, who had recently found out that plant leaves absorb and releases gases; that meetup eventually led Ingenhousz to determine how plants transform the sun’s rays into sugary molecules, a subject scientists are still probing today.

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