fatcatimages LLC/Flickr (CC BY NC ND 2.0)

Beware online daters: Computers can’t help you pick your soul mate

Despite the claims of basically every online dating site, a new study published in Psychological Science suggests that algorithms and attraction don’t mix. In an attempt to understand what creates romantic desire between two individuals, researchers had a group of college undergraduates complete an extensive series of questions on self-esteem, values, personality, etc., and then set the participants up on a series of 4-minute speed dates, NPR reports. Participants were then asked to evaluate how attracted they were to each other and then the computer sorted through the data to try to find a pattern in the questions that would predict the results. It came up empty though. The machine could predict who was hot and who was not, but none of the questionnaire data could determine where mutual attraction would occur between two people.  

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