Dana Berry

Your sauna’s got nothing on this planet

At a balmy 600 K and 39 light-years from Earth, the exoplanet GJ 1132b is unlikely to make a good location for your next vacation home, but astronomers have their eyes on it. That’s because GJ 1132b is one of the first super-Earth exoplanets discovered with an atmosphere, Space.com reports. Unlike Earth, which has an atmosphere predominantly composed of nitrogen and oxygen, the exoplanet’s atmosphere may be water vapor or methane, and its surface could range from rocky silicate and iron to a steamy water world, according to a new paper in The Astronomical Journal

*Update, 10 April, 9:30 a.m.: This item has been updated to reflect that this is "one of the first" super-Earths found with an atmosphere; not "the first."

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