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Will Earth still be here in 5 billion years?

Will Earth survive the sun’s blazing transition into a red giant star 5 billion years from now? To get a glimpse into our planet’s future, scientists turned to one of our galactic neighbors 208 light-years away, International Business Times reports. L2 Puppis is a 10-billion-year-old evolved star that, half its lifetime ago, looked much like our sun, researchers present in their paper published in Astronomy & Astrophysics. An object twice the distance Earth is from the sun is still orbiting L2 Puppis even after the star lost one-third of its mass over time. Researchers plan to keep an eye on the two celestial bodies to gain insight on what’s in store for our solar system in the distant future. Because, of course, they won’t be able to tell whether life will still exist by then, if they can’t be sure the planet itself will, too.

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