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The Simpsons predicted this year’s economics Nobel Prize winner

Adding to a growing list of real world events the Simpsons predicted—including Donald Trump’s political career—it appears that the gullible, blue-haired nerd Milhouse Van Houten picked a Nobel Prize winner 6 years prior. As the A.V. Club reports, professor Bengt R. Holmström of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge is listed as Milhouse’s choice to take home the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Holmström, and also Harvard University’s Oliver Hart, were named as recipients of the high award Monday, but the episode featuring the fictional character’s bracket aired in 2010 in the episode “Elementary School Musical.” This is not the first Nobel Prize winner Milhouse bet his cards correctly on. His pick for the chemistry category, W.E. Moerner, won in 2014. Maybe next year, Vera Rubin.

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