Bride of Frankenstein/Universal 2004/Wikimedia Commons

Dr. Frankenstein saved humans from extinction, scientists say

Through denying his monster a bride and a chance to see the world, Dr. Victor Frankenstein effectively saved a fictional human race from extinction in Mary Shelley’s famous novel, Tech Times reports. Researchers created a mathematical model to illustrate that given the size of the human population in 1818—the year the book was set—if Frankenstein had allowed the beast to procreate and travel to the “wilds of South America,” as it so desired, it would have taken 4000 years for the invasive creatures to out brute humans to the point of extinction. Authors of the study published in BioScience say this shows how brilliantly Shelley could put forth the idea of competitive exclusion, the elimination of one species from a habitat where there is great competition for the same resources, before it became widely accepted in the scientific community. 

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