Grubbly Farms

This Georgia startup offers a creepy-crawly supplement for animal feed

Atlanta-based startup Grubbly Farms is making waves in the livestock industry by replacing fish-based animal feed with something a bit more grubby: meal made from black soldier fly larvae, The Guardian reports. The insect meal is just as nutritious as the fish-based meal, and it offers an economic benefit as well. Larger, more profitable fish prey on the small fish used for fish-based meal—if more small fish are left in the ocean as a food source, large fish would be more plentiful, generating $11.7 billion as opposed to the only $5.3 billion they reel in now. It would also create healthier ecosystems. The startup, which recently moved from an apartment laundry room to a warehouse, sells dried black soldier fly larvae as chicken treats (which one customer gave “an enthusiastic 10 feathers up”) and is looking into manufacturing oils and protein powders.

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