NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

You can now send your political frustrations—and more—to the stars

With the U.S. political conventions in full swing, you might have a thing or two to say about the candidates. Now, thanks to scientists involved in Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Starshot project, you can send those thoughts into outer space—and maybe even a black hole. Today, the University of California, Santa Barbara, experimental cosmology group launched a Kickstarter campaign called Voices of Humanity that seeks to send tweets, videos, voice recordings, images, and even DNA sequences into space. The data, which will be stored on memory chips, are supposed to launch into orbit around Earth in 2017. If the group reaches its goal, it may send future data dumps to more distant places like the moon and Mars. If it exceeds its goal, it plans to take the same data and—using lasers coupled to telescopes—“beam” them to an exoplanet, star, or black hole. Not to be outdone by the salesmanship of certain political parties, the group is also offering its own space race. People who write in with their political musings can have them uploaded to one of three political party memory chips: one for Republicans, one for Democrats, and one for Independents. It may be time for C-SPAN to step up its game.

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