Flu Shots, Sea Turtles, and Obama's New Budget

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Top Stories: Flu Shots, Sea Turtles, and Obama's New Budget

How U.S. Science Will Fare Under the New Budget

President Barack Obama on Tuesday released a $3.901 trillion budget request to Congress, including proposals for a host of federal research agencies. The unveiling is just the beginning of the annual budget process; Congress will now chew on the proposal and is likely to ignore many of the White House's suggestions. Most research agencies are facing flat prospects, and there are few big winners. Click through to see all of our coverage and analysis so far.

Computer Program Allows the Blind to 'See' With Sound

A new computer program lets blind people “see” using sound. The program converts simple images into sequences of sound: As people learn the sounds, they learn to “hear” images. The technology not only gives “sight” to the blind, but also challenges the way neurologists think the brain is organized.

Do Flu Shots Cause Runny Noses?

A new study finds that live flu vaccines may increase our susceptibility to bacterial infections. You should get them anyway: Not only do flu vaccines protect against influenza, but the study found that vaccination had no impact on bacterial infection in the lungs, just the nasal passages, explaining the occasional runny nose.

In Academia, Women Collaborate Less With Their Same-Sex Juniors

A study of psychology departments finds that female full professors are less likely to co-author papers with lower ranking women. The findings may reveal yet another barrier toward women advancing in academia.

Where Sea Turtles Spend Their 'Lost Years'

The early life of sea turtles used to be called “the lost years,” because no one knew exactly where they went. Now, the first satellite data tracking the young turtles have revealed where they go while they're waiting to grow up.