Live Chat: The Scars of Human Evolution

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Humans are by far the most successful primates on the planet. We owe our status to the evolution of our large and complex brains, upright walking, high fertility, and long lifespans. But we’ve paid a price for these adaptations. Our big-brained babies are difficult to deliver at birth, our backs ache from upright walking, and our long lives predispose us to cancer and other diseases. What other costs have we incurred in becoming human? How did this happen? And what else are we learning about the unique evolutionary path of our species?

Join us for a live Google+ Hangout at 3 p.m. EST on Saturday, 16 February, on this page with two experts in the field. Leave your own questions in the comment box below before the video chat starts. The video from the chat will be archived on this page.

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Karen Rosenberg

Rachel Caspari


Ann Gibbons

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