Live Chat: Can We Conquer Climate Change?

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It's been called the greatest challenge in human history: curbing emissions of global warming gases so they don't cause catastrophic climate change—without wrecking the global economy and dooming billions to poverty in the process. Some say it will take breakthrough technologies and profound changes in how we live. Others argue we can make a major dent with existing technologies—if we get serious about acting now.

Join us for a live chat at 3 p.m. EST on Thursday, 17 January, on this page, with two scientists who have taken a careful look at what it will take to conquer climate change. Stephen Pacala is the lead author of an influential 2004 Science paper that argued that we can make progress now by launching seven major campaigns—known as "wedges"—to reduce emissions. Steven Davis is the lead author of a new paper that argues we need to do much more than that, and launch 19 to 31 wedge campaigns

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Steve Davis

Stephen W. Pacala


Eli Kintisch

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