California GM Food Labeling Initiative Defeated

No on 37. Californians voted not to label genetically modified food sold in the state.

Webkid/Wikimedia Commons

California voters have rejected Proposition 37, which called for the mandatory labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods. With about 98.5% of the vote counted, the measure was losing 53% to 47%. Prop 37 garnered a great deal of attention and campaign money after it was introduced this past April. The initiative's opponents, including agribusiness firms, raised $45.8 million; its supporters $8.4 million.

Early polls showed strong public support for Prop. 37, with two out of three voters in favor. But an anti-37 media blitz is credited with turning the tide against the measure.

The measure also sparked debate within the scientific community, with some science advocacy groups—including AAAS, publisher of ScienceInsider—opposing the measure.

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